Hot Ballroom Dancing How-Tos

How To: Dance the Schottische

The Schottische is a partnered country dance, Bohemian in origin. Schottische was popular in Victorian era ballrooms (part of the Bohemian "folk-dance" craze) and left its traces in folk music of countries as distant as France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Sweden. At the start of the 20th century in the Southern United States the schottische was combined with ragtime at the beginning of the 1900's

How To: Slow dance with a paraplegic partner

This is a step by step on how to slow dance with a partner that is parapelegic, meaning they are paralyzed from the waste down. This is an adapted dance that is perfect for couple that have disabilities or a handicapped. Hand placement and speed is important to keeping you upright and steady.

How To: Dance the Foxtrot

In this video series learn to dance the Foxtrot from professional dancer and dance instructor Leslie Sack as she demonstrates Foxtrot dance steps such as the Foxtrot walk, basic step for men and ladies, left rock turn, Foxtrot promenade, right rock turn, Foxtrot patterns.

How To: Dance Waltz Variations

This is a video demonstration of the late 19th Century waltz. This waltz is a ballroom and folk dance. The waltz first became fashionable in Vienna around the 1780s, and spread to many other countries in the years that follow. The waltz, and its closed position, became the example for the creation of many other ballroom dances. Subsequently, new types of waltz have developed, including many folk and several ballroom dances. This video is only a demonstration, and unfortunately it does not giv...

How To: Perform baroque dance

Learn a few of the essential Baroque dance steps, originated in the court of King Louis XIV as theatrical entertainment. Later, Baroque developed into both ballroom dancing and classical ballet dancing. Quick a quick and free lesson from a pro: Rosario Nene Ortega is a ballroom dance instructor at The Goddess Store in Hollywood, Florida. Learn more dance moves from this expert by searching WonderHowTo! You're only practice time away from ruling the dance floor!

How To: Do the quick step ballroom dance

Get your quick step on with help from this free dance lesson! The classic quick step dance is a fun, yet fast ballroom dancing technique that incorporates very quick steps with alternating slower steps. Get a glimpse of what it's supposed to look like plus some helpful pointers from this dance pro: Rosario Nene Ortega is a ballroom dance instructor at The Goddess Store in Hollywood, Florida. Learn more dance moves from this expert by searching WonderHowTo! You're only practice time away from ...

How To: Dance the Grand March

This video is a demonstration of how to walk/dance the Grand March (also known as The March, Polonaise, Grand Promenade, and Opening March). This march is the formal and traditional way to begin a formal ball.

How To: Perform enrosques in tango

In this video, Homer and Cristina Ladas teach us how to perform enrosques in tango. For the follower, it involves the corkscrew action with no change of weight. You can do this in your own axis or an imaginary one. For the leader, it can involve not changing or changing weight. The eye of the eagle can be more comfortable for one person. To make it more exciting, you will delay the action and then give it a burst of energy. Just make sure to practice this so you have a good understanding of h...

How To: Do Jive dance steps

Want to learn how to do the jive? Jive dance steps consist of triple steps and rock back steps while always keeping your body weight on the balls of your feet. Practice your jive dance steps with guidance from a pro: Nene Ortega is a ballroom dance instructor at The Goddess Store in Hollywood, Florida. Learn more ballet from this expert by searching WonderHowTo! You're only practice time away from ruling the dance floor!

How To: Master simple ballroom dancing and the waltz box step

The pumpkin just turned into a carriage, your glass slippers look fantastic, and the Prince is on his way, but — dammit — you still need to learn how to ballroom dance. You will need a partner, a dance floor, masking tape, and waltz music. This video gives simple advice for dance posture, the basic waltz box step, and simple turns. Learn how to dance the basics of ballroom dancing, like the waltz box step, by watching this video dance instruction tutorial.

How To: Improve the quality of movement in a tango dance

In this video, we learn how to improve the quality of movement in a tango dance. Focus on the connection with the other person, the music, and connecting with the body as you are dancing with the other person. Be very strong and heavy into the ground as you are dancing and very light as you are moving around. Do a strong walk and make sure you are in touch with the rhythm but also make sure your body moves lightly around the dance floor, like it's effortless. Keep your body in contact with th...

How To: Dance the foxtrot

Learning how to dance can be a fun and exciting experience that teaches you not only how to dance, but a little about another countries culture as well. In this tutorial, you'll be finding out how to foxtrot. It's a ballroom dance that is done in a pattern of slow, slow, then quick, quick. Like any dance, it takes time and practice. So good luck, pay attention, and enjoy!

How To: Lead in Argentine tango

We are shown a few steps in the passionate dance, the tango. It is emphasized that this erotic dance is 100% lead by the male. It is fueled by aggression and dominance by the male partner. The female is in his lead. There are eight top movements that are divided into two parts, then they are all joined together. The directions are given in a slow and simple manner that can be easily followed and practiced in your own home. Step by step with careful narration she guides you in the dance. With ...

How To: Dance beginner tango with Michael Thomas

This is a video tutorial summarizing a one hour tengo dancing class. It tells its audience the different types of tengo and what each dance does. Primarily though this video focuses on ballroom tengo. First you should bring your partner to your left side and then step forward for the T-E-N-G-O then for the man you will go slow, slow, fast, fast, slow, do this with your feet. The woman will follow the man but the man must be the leader of the dance otherwise it will not look correctly. The lad...

How To: Teach beginners to ballroom dance

In this video clip series, our expert will discuss some popular types of ballroom dances, including foxtrot, cha-cha, swing dancing, waltz, tango and more. Learn secrets of ballroom dancing, tips and instructions on steps and holds, demonstrations of each of the dances for men and for women and much more.

How To: Waltz

In this expert video series, Sarolta Eke and Tamas Kassai show you how to dance the popular Waltz. With their instruction, you will learn basic waltzing steps and proper holding techniques. Also, learn more advanced moves like the whisk, progressive walk, and cross hesitation. The underarm waltzing turn is one of the most beautiful waltzing dance steps offered in this series. So, waltz right into our free dance lessons today!

How To: Dance the Butterfly

This video is of the late 19th Century dance called the Butterfly. The Butterfly is where a woman/man has fake butterfly wings attached to their arms and dances with them on. This video is only a demonstration, and unfortunately it does not give step by step instructions.

How To: Improve your international Waltz technique

Don't have time to go to classes for your international waltz skills? Well this is the video for you. Videojug has teamed up with martin, an international waltz performer and educator to bring you the best in quickstep educational videos. If you have learned the basic steps this is just the video for you. Head position, hand position, grip, posture and more are discussed in this short video. Improve your international Waltz technique.

How To: Perform international Waltz twists and turns

Video Jug teams up with Martin an international ballroom dance performer to explain international waltz twists and turns. This video explains how and when to add turns to the waltz, as well as add some key moves to the standard steps to make this classic dance even more exciting. Perform international Waltz twists and turns.

How To: Transition from close to open embrace in tango

In this video, we learn how to transition from close to open embrace in tango. Use elastic energy to give you an option to open up and turn or send your partner into a line. For the followers, you should know how to be active with your embrace. The left hand should be on the leader's right arm, especially when they are sending you away. Doing this will help you transition from closed to open more easily. It will give you the correct positioning so you don't have any fumbles when you are tryin...

How To: Perform the tango transition through the cross

In this video, we learn how to perform the Tango transition through the cross. As you start the Tango, you will stay close to your partner with both of your bodies. You will want to have your arms high and your body taught so that you can easily transition from one move to the other. Make sure the leader and the follower are both practiced so you transition into the cross more. The follower should pay attention to the leader's moves and both parties should be working together. Have fun dancin...

How To: Do close to open transition in tango via back bolero

In this tutorial, we learn how to do close to open transition in tango via back bolero. You can communicate through closed and open embrace by forming your body correctly. You need to use your embrace right and take your energy in your ocho factory and legs to get the dance right. You should be close next to the person but both of you should have a strong stance so you are ready to transition into different moves while dancing. As you practice, you will better learn how to dance and transitio...

How To: Dance the Hard Side tango

In this video, we learn how to dance the tango: the Hard Side. This will focus on the follower's pivot from an ocho. Sometimes it's harder for the leader and easier for the follower or vice versa. You can do various combinations while starting with the basic tango when you begin. No matter if it's the hard side or the easy side make sure you are on the right axis and you are maintaining the proper positioning. Maintain your spiral as you are pivoting and you should be able to get this dance d...

How To: Focus on milonga basic rhythm & phrasing in tango

In this video, we learn how to focus on milonga basic rhythm & phrasing in tango. Use your pattern to focus on the strong beats and dance to the rhythm. Find the one in your dance and have a sense of home base. Be grounded and use height change while you are dancing. Pay attention to the music as you are dancing and stay close to your partner as you are dancing. Keep close contact with them and make sure your body position stays upright, not straying from their side. Have fun while dancing! P...

How To: Do the tango from close to open, promenade and 1 alteration

In this video, we learn how to do the Tango close to open, promenade and 1 alteration. Remember the basic rules of staying in the line of dance and going with the music. Twist your hips and go from closed to open, practicing this often so you get better at it. You and your partner should feel the music as you are both dancing. Keep the bodies in proper position so each of you can change from open to close as you would like. Use different alterations that you are comfortable with to get a diff...

How To: Perform boleos and sacadas in tango

In this video, we learn how to perform boleos and sacadas in tango. When you are learning this song, you need to first make sure you are following along to the beat. Work the combination of both of these dances, they go very well together. They will usually be first the boleo which will transition into the five step sacada. Do a good and strong ocho using your ocho factory and make sure to embrace your steps. Work the timing of the ocho into the point of no return and make sure you are standi...

How To: Perform the organic gancho in Tango

In this tutorial we learn how to perform the organic gancho in Tango. when you are starting out doing this dance you want to make sure that both of your bodies are in the right spots. After this, try doing the closed and open tango individually and then together. Make sure the woman is moving around the man and that both of the bodies stay close together. As you continue to do the dance, you will go with the flow of the music but also make sure you are counting your steps, have fun and enjoy ...

How To: Use breathing & intention in tango

In this tutorial, we learn how to use breathing & intention in tango. Use the pattern of walking into the cross and add in elements of staying in the line. Lead the cross carefully and slowly by breathing slowly to help make an easy transition from closed to open. Put all these elements to help make the dance look better by paying attention to the details. Keep in mind that people are looking at you and want to see someone happy dancing. Keep a smile on your face but also make sure to pay clo...

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