How To: Perfect the art of surprise in Tango

Perfect the art of surprise in Tango

Homer starts with explanation-on what the art of surprise is all about. He explains that the art of surprise is to create some good and bad surprises for the partner which involves many ways and following the steps can leave your partner really surprised.
-Today we will focus on the Rock step and the Side step.
-He also indicates that we would be trying to capture our partner in the beginning of the weight transfer during the ROCK step or in the middle of the SIDE step.
-The partner should be well balanced and stable otherwise they wouldn't be surprised.
-We can also add a trap of the feet in the ROCK step position as well as a jump and a pitter patter kind of movement and also other variations.
-Homer also explains the method to surprise the partner with variations from the last class where the partner performs a casaba.
-We can lead the person normally or trap her by bringing our leg closer to her trying to stop her between her thigh or instep or ankle.

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