How To: Perform a rhythmic rock step variation in tango

Perform a rhythmic rock step variation in tango

Tango teachers perform a didactic demo to highlight and integrate some concepts in this video.

It is about refining the rock step in tango.
There are some basic rules;
>While walking in cross or parallel way of walking, the hips should be cross way to each other.
>While rotating, your legs should be in a cross way doing to and fro motion.
>There should be eye contact between the partners while doing tango.
>Cross walking, parallel walking and rotation should be repeated on a regular interval. One type of movement should not be continued for a long period.
>While doing the tango, the legs should be lifted properly. It looks good.
>Sometimes walking over partners legs should be done.
>One pair should utilize the whole space provided to them. Dancing in one corner
does not look good. The pair should walk throughout the space while dancing.
>Accuracy in dance comes when one does it to the music beats rather than doing it after watching somebody doing it. One should memorize the beats and then practice the steps to music.
>There should be coordination between the partners.
>If you follow the above mentioned steps, you'll surely be able to become a good tango dancer.

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